Victor Salmones, Mexico 1937-1989 ‘Young Male Nude’


Patinated bronze, signed on left foot and numbered 2/10. H: 14.5” incl. base.

In 1962, Victor entered the prestigious Instituto de Bellas Artes. There legendary Bauhaus artist Hoffman took Salmones under his wing. Hoffman’s encouragement led to the opening of Victor’s own sculpture workshop in Cuernavaca in 1966. In 1967, Salmones was awarded first prize at the Biennale Exposition of the National Museum of Modern Art. His work continued to win critical acclaim at subsequent Biennale expositions, and in 1971 his life-size bronze “Narcissus” was honored with first place in the national art competition juried by Harry Greer of the New York’s Frick Museum and Charles Nagle of the Smithsonian. Victor Salmones was honored with one man shows throughout the world. Public and private collections in some thirty-eight countries have collected and showcased his sculpture.

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