Erotic Nude by Pal Fried, Hungarian 1893-1976, Oil on Panel, Stunning

‘Erotic Nude’ By Pal Fried, Hungarian, 1893-1976. Measures: 17 x 22 in. without frame, 25 x 30 in. including frame. Oil on panel. Signed. Housed in a vintage o

Fried Pal: Pal Fried was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1893. Fried studied at the Hungarian Academie under Professor Hugo Pohl. Under Pohl’s influence, he executed many portraits nude

rnate frame.s and oriental scenes in pastel. Fried moved to study in Paris under Lucien Simone and was greatly influenced by the French Impressionist school of Renoir and Degas. He spent many years traveling throughout Spain, Africa, France, Algeria and Jamaica. Each place he traveled to enriched his palette and gave him mastery of light and movement. Pal Fried spent most of his married years on 76th street and West End avenue in New York City. Every month Fried’s wife would hire a limousine and chauffeur to take his paintings to the Arnot Galleries on 57th street. At one point Mr. Arnot simply purchased a car for Pal Fried at the car dealer across the street from the gallery! As Fried aged he began to lose his eyesight. Mrs. Fried took care of him, but then she passed on leaving him fairly helpless in his old age.

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