‘In the Roman Campagna’ Attributed to Rosa da Tivoli, 1651-1705

‘A Shepherd and his flock in an Italianate Landscape with ruins. In the Background Peasants crossing a Bridge’

School of Phillip Peter Roos (Rosa da Tivoli), German Baroque Painter, 1651-1705.

38 x 53 in.  oil on canvas, relined, unsigned, ca. 1700.

Provenance: The collection of John Page Blair, ESQ.

Windlesham Court, Windlesham, Surrey.

Son of Johann Heinrich Roos Phillip Peter went to Italy in 1677 and studied with Gicinto Brandi. Roos painted almost exclusively domestic animals with their herdsmen in the Roman Campagna. Roos applied his paint in impastos, rendering the coats, the stance and the movements of each species in a virtuoso manner as in this particularly dramatic work.

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