A Luxuriant 19th Century Bronze Bust of the Roman Emperor Lucius Verus

SOLD. This bust is one of the finest existing portraits of Lucius Verus, who was co-emperor with his adopted brother Marcus Aurelius from AD 161 until his death from the plague in 169. The prince’s features are recognizable from many other portraits – notably his luxuriant hair and beard, portrayed here with deeply sculpted curls. Lucius’s features are familiar from a number of other portraits. The effigy exemplifies the transition from the sensitive works of the Antonian period to the more extravagant baroque style, serving to glorify the ruler after his death. Patinated bronze bust on integral socle, France or Italy, late 19th century. H 20.5 in. Base 5.5 x 5 in. Asking price $ 2,950.

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