‘Venus de Vino’ Sculpture by Ian M. Ball, Australian/American Miami Artist

Standing 29.5 inches tall this sculpture of a female torso covered with slices of wine corks and with her head painted black and white make a fetching contemporary impression with a humorous yet fashionable note. The artist has inserted his title of the work as well as his name along the bottom edge, see photo.

Additional information and price: https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/decorative-objects/sculptures/figurative-sculptures/venus-de-vino-sculpture-ian-m-ball-australian-american-miami-artist/id-f_11323903/

About Ian M. Ball:

Ian M. Ball, Australian-born writer/art collector/painter, has been working on this suite of oil paintings and sculpture since 1992 when he and his wife moved from New York to Coconut Grove, Miami. Their new base was a plantation-era home that soon became a lively studio, indoors and outdoors. He is the author of the book ‘They Took Their Easels to Miami’.

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