Contemporary Abstract Oil by Sinai M. Waxman, Well Exhibited American Artist

‘Atlantic Coast’ by Sinai Mordecai Waxman, American, 20th century Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 in. without frame, 35 x 45 in. including frame. Signed lower right corner. Housed in a modern silver finish floater frame.

Additional information and price:

Sinai Mordecai Waxman: Waxman studied in Paris, in the early 1950s, at Acadamie de la Grande Chaumier, Acadamie Julian, and with painter, Fernand Leger. He was awarded a M. A. and a Ph. D. from New York University and for many years, was a visiting professor at New York State University as well as, on faculty at New York University. More recently, Waxman was full professor and chairman at Hunter College, City University of New York. For six and a half decades, 85 year-old Waxman has been painting, teaching, and exhibiting stunning impressionist, abstract impressionist and geometric-based paintings; oil and acrylic. They are displayed in Long Island museums and in numerous private and corporate collections. The current oil and acrylic paintings are, in part, a re-visit to his French and American studies with impressionist and abstract artists; Fernand Leger and Elaine de Kooning and, countless visits to Monet’s Giverney and the artist studios and galleries of Montmatre and the Marais. His paintings are filled with rich, inviting layers of color, texture and impressions. When seen, time-after-time, the paintings offer delight and individualized discoveries to the viewer.


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