Abstract Cubist Iron Elephant by Bill Heise, American 20th Century

SOLD. Founder of Heise Metal Sculpture in 1966, Bill Heise discovered interesting shapes in the rusting hulks of old farm equipment around his home in rural Vermont. This “found metal,” as he called it, became the template for a sculptural style honed after earning a degree in art education at State University of New York at Buffalo. Employing a twist on the concept of “swords into ploughshares,” Bill assembled these various shapes to create unique sculptures with graceful lines and distinct personalities. The ethereal forms of his pieces  defied the rugged origins of each component part, resulting often cubist and Picassoesque structures of great artistic strength.
This iron elephant sculpture is signed HEISE in relief on the base. H: 18 inches. Base: 6 x 15 inches.

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